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Account Verification

We have KYC (know your customer) obligations, so in order to withdraw you winnings you will need to verify your account. Here’s how to go about that:

Proof of identity. We need to know who you are. You can send us a picture of any government issued ID e.g. passport, drivers license, national ID card etc.

Proof of address. We need to confirm your physical address. For this you can send us a picture of any recent (last three months) utility bill, bank statement etc.

Proof of possession of any cards used. We need to know that you are in possession of the cards you have used to deposit with us. Send us a picture of the front and back of each card. We only need the first 6 digits and the last four digits of the long number on the front, so obscure the rest of the numbers and the three digit CVV on the back. The card must be signed.

Completed verification form. We need you to sign a short declaration stating that you have made these transactions with us. The verification form is available here. You will need to print this out, complete it and sign it by hand. You will need to send this to us along with a selfie of you holding it.

Once you have all this email the documents to our support team who will review and advise if anything further is required.

BitCoin Users

If you have only ever deposited and withdrawn via BTC we have been able to really streamline the process. First contact support, ask for your unique verification number and write it down. Then:

  1. Take a selfie holding your ID
  2. Take a selfie holding your unique verification number
  3. Email both the selfies to support for our cashier team to review.

That’s it. As always our support team are available 24/7 if you have any questions at all.

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